As the @UN Security Council (SC) & General Assembly (GA) vote to choose a judge for the International Court Of Justice (#ICJ) between Indian& UK candidates, the legitimacy & effectiveness of the UN are at stake. The voice of the GA has been ignored too long. This time a nominee of a Permanent member of the SC has failed to get an absolute majority of the GA, for the first time in a direct contest to a major organ. GA vote has turned into a protest against an unwarranted extension of privilege for 70+ years. P5 lost by 40 votes!

The election is no longer about the judge or the country he hails from but about the GA standing up against a member of a privileged club who has lost comprehensively among the Members at large but still leads 9-6 in the SC. UK trying to stall the will of the majority of the GA 

Deeply entrenched interests of a tiny select group cannot be allowed to prevail in areas where such privileges are not based in law. Judges to the World  Court must represent the majority of the UN membership. The cosy Permanent Members club at the SC cannot keep getting its way.

Decisions at the UN must reflect the voice of the majority of Members & cannot continue to be decided by a few states with long-held privileges. Only that kind of multilateralism will inspire confidence among the international community, especially the younger generation.

This is not about India or any single country. It is about the idea of justice, of equality & fairness. It is about the future we envisage for the United Nations & the conduct of multilateralism. The time for reform is now. I call on SC members to vote for India’s candidate.

Aside from these points of principle, India has always shouldered collective responsibilities w/our partners in our quest for a more just global order, Our ethos also leads us towards genuine&constructive rule-based multilateralism & peaceful settlement of disputes. Vote 4 India!