The BJP is trying to dictate nationalism, lashed out Congress MP Shashi Tharoor while delivering a lecture on “Redefining nationalism” at the first E Ahamed Memorial lecture, here on Saturday. There are attempts to mandate nationalism than to instill an affection for nationalism, Shashi Tharoor said while speaking on how nationalism is being redefined by the BJP.

The constitution of the country is being distorted by the wrong minded people, condemned Shashi Tharoor alleging that the BJP was trying to hijack history of patriotism and freedom struggle  hiding the sacrifice of Congress workers while brushing under the carpet the deeds of their own leaders whose acts were against the interest of the nation.


National flag, national anthem, and military sacrifice are being used to promote a sense of duty rather than affection and loyalty towards the nation and national unity, said Tharoor. Such sort of a nationalism is potentially dangerous to a country and resembles to Nazism and Fascism, he stressed adding that the Indian nationalism was more democratic and not mandated.